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Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Day Seven. WoW Blogging Challenge - Blog Name.

We're onto the seventh day of the Soulbound - 20 days of WoW blogging challenge. Today Soulbound asks us;

"The reason behind your blog’s name"

Choosing a blog name was something that didn't come easily to me. It took weeks of umming and ahhing to settle on something I liked. When I started blogging I didn't really know what direction I wanted my blog to go in. I only knew that I wanted to start one. I talked about my reasons for starting my blog in the second day of the blogging challenge. I was heavily into gold making but I didn't want to chose a blog name solely around gold making. There are a lot of fantastic gold blogs out there and I didn't think I could really contribute much at least nowhere near their standard! I also didn't want to be pigeon-holed in case I moved away from gold making.

My main has been my Priest for a really long time so when I was looking at blog names I did have a look though my Priest's spell book and talent sheet. Again I didn't want to be locked into only writing about one topic plus a few of the Priest talents are hard to spell! I didn't want people who liked my blog to have trouble finding me. 

 While standing in Exodar one day taking some screenshots of my latest transmog I noticed part of the city called The Vault of Lights, it was perfect! Although I dropped the s from the end. I'd looked at zone names before but dismissed the idea because I couldn't find any I liked.

Vault spoke to me in part due to my gold making and also in part due to my collecting of things such as transmog gear, fun little vanity items, pets and mounts. Light represented my Priest and my love of healing. It's my go to main spec on any class which can heal.

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Priest Tier transmog with a difference. Part two.

This is my second part of Priest tier transmog with a difference. The bottom half of the Priest tier is often overlooked which is a shame, there are some amazing designs out there. Make sure to check out my other post if you haven't already.

Priest Tier four legs.

Priest Tier eleven legs. 
I adore the colour of these leggings!

Monday, 9 July 2012

Not enough time in the day.

Arrgghh I've been crazy busy this week! With the mogolympics in full swing, gearing up my Warrior a bit more and a bit of gold making here and there, busy, busy!

I love Moggit especially now that I know how to use it ahem but I generally prefer to use it only to scout out items then go and collect them. So when I'm not glued to Moggit I've been running instances or raids. I had to do the first boss in Black Morass no lie 29 times for what I had previously consider my favourite bow. It isn't my favourite bow anymore and I wish it and everyone who has it a fiery death.

In terms of gold making every thing is going well. I'm very casually getting back into my grove. Numbers are going up and that's always a good thing. I'm spending a lot of time hunting gear and rep grinding on various alts for transmog items. I'm still not utilizing my professions or time very well but that'll come once I'm a bit less busy with everything else.

Ideally I should clear out my TSM data and start a fresh. The vials of the sands I had bought and sold when I transferred servers. I'm sure the gold earned is also counted from when i transferred. Once I'm settled in a bit better I might even post some tips about making gold but in the meantime have a look at my blogroll. There are a few excellent gold making blogs in there.

Saturday, 9 June 2012

A week of winning!

I've had a pretty good week in WoW. Neri over at Neri Approves hosted a trashy transmog competition asking readers to send in a screenshot of their trashiest transmogrification. She announced that the three people with the highest votes would win a Soul of the aspects pet. I stumbled upon the competition a bit late but I decided to enter with my little Protection Paladin wearing the Saltstone set. I'd managed to pick up a couple of pieces from the Auction House at ridiculous prices, justified only by the fact that I'll be able to keep the set forever. A long term investment, yeah, that's right. I think the idea of skimpy armour is hilarious, especially on tanks.

Stop judging me.
Low and behold I won. I've never won anything before (albeit I've never entered anything before but still.) I was stoked! I wanted this pet when it was first released but I don't really want to buy any of the pet shop pets. I've given Blizzard enough money over the years from transfers and faction changes, besides I'm a total cheapo.

Thank you so much Neri. I adore him! <3

Uh, thanks Breanni
If that wasn't enough the WoW Factor visited the EU for the first time last night on the Chamber of Aspects server. Nev from Auction House Addict sponsored the event with 100 thousand gold which was given away to participants! I had a level 74 Priest knocking around on the server so I decided to tag along. I've been waiting for these events to come to the EU since they started so I was super excited! I took some screen shots during the event.

Have you been lucky enough to have a WoW factor show on your server or have you ever thought of setting up your own fashion show? I'd love for them to come to my main server! If you would like to sponsor an event on your server you can contact the WoW Factor crew.

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Immaculate recovery

Blizzard claim that the loot a boss drops is randomly generated by a random number generator. I myself am not entirely convinced this is true. Instead I believe that the loot fairies control what drops and who gets it. Something I did in the past seems to have made them pretty angry but perhaps my luck is changing?

Week after week I bound into Black Wing Lair full of hope and excitement. "Maybe this time, I can feel it, maybe this'll be the week!" Drunk with power, I can almost hear their deranged cackling as Chromaggus' corpse rolls over to reveal a pair of Stormrage Pauldrons for the third week running. They'd grin, ear to ear as they watched me hearthstone out in a mist of despair. 
Look, look at me. I'm amazing.

Things changed this week though. My lovely boyfriend and I ventured into BWL on Tuesday to no avail. On Wednesday evening we decided to go back and low and behold the fairies took pitty on me, they finally caved!

Oh Transcedence. You're so beautiful. While I don't like the Tier robe. I like it teamed with the Priest Tier 11.

Here's a list of everything included in the picture.

Helm - Halo of Transcendence (Tier 2)
Shoulders - Pauldrons of Transcendence (Tier 2)
Robe - Mercurial Robes (Tier 11)
Belt -  Belt of Transcendence (Tier 2)
Gloves - Regal Gloves (BoE green)
Bracers - Fireheart Bracers (BoE green)
Staff - Rapture (BoP Ulduar)

I don't tend to transmogrify shoes as I'm actually a Draenei. I just use my Orb of Sin'dorei on every Cool down.

Lady who?
While in the Black Rock area my boyfriend asked if I wanted to tag along to Molten Core as he's after a Binding of the Windseeker to complete his Thunderfury legendary sword. Luck was again on my side when a robe I've been after for a long time dropped. It has a chance to drop off of four different bosses in Molten Core and although I'm Exalted with the Hidraxian Waterlords I'd never seen it drop!

This was the robe worn by Lady Katrana Prestor inside Stormwind Keep. Later revealed as Onyxia I had always been jealous of her. I think it's stunning!

Shoulder - Consortium Mantle (BoE green)
Robe - Robe of Volatile Power (Molten Core)
Belt - Fire-Cord of the Magus (BoP The Eye)
Gloves - Widow's Clutches (BoP Sold by Damek Bloombeard at the Molten Front)
Bracers -  Firesoul Wristguards (BoP Sold for 1,250 Justice Points in Stormwind and Orgrimmar)
Staff - Staff of Immaculate Recovery (BoP Gurtogg Bloodboil, Black Temple)

And probably most importantly I got my Staff of Immaculate Recovery from Black Temple.
Every Priest needs a Priest on a stick
How's your luck with loot? Are you mercilessly trying to get your hands of an item that just won't drop?